Mary Nohl’s art is staying put AND being restored!

We are overjoyed to report that the John Michael Kohler Art Center has determined that Mary’s sculptures are too fragile to move, they are being restored in place, along with her house.

Jeff Rumage reports:

Mary Nohl’s lakeside cottage is not only staying in Fox Point – it’s being restored for a new tenant…

Neighbors have opposed plans to allow limited public access on the site, which caused the John Michael Kohler Arts Center to consider relocating the Mary Nohl Art Environment to Sheboygan County last year. Those relocation plans were later abandoned because the relocation could have damaged Nohl’s artwork.

With public access no longer being considered, the Nohl house is being restored in its existing location for a new tenant…

Major flooding in July 2010 damaged the foundation and flooring, said Lynn Lucius, a consultant working on behalf of Creation and Preservation Partners. Because the foundation has settled 6 to 8 inches on one side, a new crawlspace will be built to create a level foundation. The organization will also need to purchase a new water heater, furnace and electrical panel as a result of the flood damage.

The house will also be repainted, and the roof will be redone. The wooden art pieces on the exterior of the house have been removed for restoration, and will be returned to the house in the future. Some doors will be repaired, and the steel windows will be replaced. Several diseased trees have been cut down.

Lucius said she hopes the restoration project will be wrapped up in the summer of 2016. The intent of the restoration process is to preserve the environment as Nohl experienced it during her lifetime. [emphasis mine]

“So many decisions had to be made about restoring her environment,” Lucius said. “We are proceeding very methodically to make sure this is an aesthetically respectful process.”

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